Information on Derivatives in Developing Countries
(Containing information and data related to national derivatives and securities markets.)
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Malaysia Global Market Related Sites
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<--------------------          Brazil          -------------------->
Exchanges and Exchange Related
Brazilian Mercantile & Futures Exchanges Brazilian Clearing and Depository Corp.
Bolsa de Mercadorias & Futuros Companhia Brasileria de Liquidacao e Custodia
Trading of securities and/or contracts based on financial assets, indices, interest rates, foreign currencies, and commodities. English and Portuguese. Clearing, settlement, depository services and risk management of futures and options markets. Lists equity and index, futures and options with open positions. English and Portuguese
Sao Paolo Stock Exchange - BOVESPOA Rio de Janeiro Exchange
Bolsa de Valores de Sao Paolo Bolsa de Valores do Rio de Janeiro
Brazils stock exchange. English and Portuguese Portuguese only
Government Related
Brazilian Central Bank Securities and Exchange Commission
Banco Central do Brasil Comissao de Valores Mobiliarios
Contains data on swap rates, FIF positions, derivative settlement systems, BM&F daily derivatives averages, Futures market and Interbank CD rates. English and Portuguese Oversees the proper functioning of the exchange and OTC markets.  Info on regulation of interest to foreign investors. English and Portuguese.
Ministry of Finance/Economy
Ministerio da Fazenda
Portuguese only.
<--------------------          Hong Kong          -------------------->
Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Hang Seng
Hong Kong Futures Exchange Ltd.
Combined site for exchanges. Has detailed information on Derivatives Trading, including list of products and participants, Trading system, margin table, fees and commissions, calendar, and hours. Daily Derivative Market data on prices, open interest, plus more. English and Chinese.
Government Related
Honk Kong Central Bank Financial Services Branch
Honk Kong Monetary Authority Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau
Responsible for maintaining monetary and banking stability. Little derivatives information. Available in English, Chinese, and ?. Maintain and enhance Hong Kong's status as a major international financial center, through the provision of an appropriate economic and legal environment. English, Chinese, and ?.
Securities and Futures Commission of HK Treasury Branch
Independent non-governmental statutory body responsible for regulating securities and futures markets. English and Chinese Provides government spending management and advising. English, Chinese, and ?.
<--------------------          India          -------------------->
National Stock Exchange of India Bombay Stock Exchange
Information regarding derivative products, trading systems & processes, clearing and settlement, risk management, statistics etc. available. English Only Has derivative products on equity index, Sensex, also equity derivatives. Historical derivative data available. English Only
Government Related
Central Bank Securities and Exchange Board of India
Reserve Bank of India Oversees financial markets and rules on violations. English and Hindi
Supervisory bodies to oversee financial, banking, and non banking sectors. Info and statistics on economy, with some derivative stats. English and Hindi
<--------------------          Korea          -------------------->
Korean Stock Exchange Korean Futures Exchange
Products: futures and options on stocks and indices, stocks, bonds, ETFs, and others. Lists KOSPI index derivatives. English and Korean. Lists: Korean treasury bond(KTB) futures, options on KTB futures, CD interest rate futures, MSB futures, KOSDAQ50 and US dollar futures and options, and Gold futures. English and Korean
KOSDAQ Stock Market
Financing for knowledge-based ventures, high-tech companies and small to medium sized enterprises. No derivatives trading. English and Korean
Government Related
Central Bank
Bank of Korea Korean Financial Supervisory Commission
Foreign exchange derivatives chart, daily turnover and allocation. English and Korean Oversees financial markets. Contains some statistical information on derivatives. English and Korean
<--------------------          Malaysia          -------------------->
Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange Malaysia Derivatives Exchange
Bursa Saham Kuala Lumpur Trades futures and options on indices, interest rates, foreign exchange, and commodities. Plus historical trading data and options calculator. English Only
Malaysia's main stock exchange. English and Bahasa Melayu
Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority
Provides offshore banking and financial services under the direction of the Central Bank of Malaysia
Government Related
Central Bank of Malaysia Securities Commission of Malaysia
Bank Negara Malaysia Promotes and maintains fair, efficient, secure and transparent securities and futures markets. English and Bahasa Malaysia
Promotes monetary and financial system stability and fostering a sound and progressive financial sector.
<--------------------          Mexico          -------------------->
Mexican Stock Exchange Mexican Derivatives Exchange
Bolsa Mexicana De Valores Mercado Mexicano de Derivados
Spanish Only. English Site available Autumn 2003. Spanish Only
Government Related
Central Bank of Mexico National Banking and Securities Comm.
Banco de Mexico Comision Nacional Bancaria Y De Valores
Contains data on the economy and financial sectors. English and Spanish Oversees financial markets. Spanish Only
<--------------------          Poland          -------------------->
Warsaw Stock Exchange Energy Exchange
Gielda Papierow Wartosciowych w Warszawie SA Towarowa Gielda Energii SA
Presently traded are futures on indices, stocks, and currencies.  Also European and American warrants on stocks, indices, and futures.  English and Polish Trades energy and energy derivatives. Polish Only.
Central Table of Offers Warsaw Commodities Exchange
Centralna Tabela Ofert S.A. Polish Only
Electronic treasury securities market. English and Polish
Government Related
Central Bank Polish Securities and Exchange Commission
Narodowy Bank Polski Komisja Papierow Wartosciowych I Gield
Information and statistics on Poland, NBP, and Polish Banks. English and Polish Oversee Poland Securities Markets. English and Polish
<--------------------          Singapore          -------------------->
Singapore Exchange Singapore Commodity Exchange
Has futures and options on futures for interest rate and equity index products. Also, semi conductor, energy, and single stock futures. Has data on derivative instruments. English and Chinese Trades futures contracts on selected commodities. Daily Price data available.  English Only
Government Related
Central Bank Singapore Government Securities
Monetary Authority of Singapore Provides statistics, data, and publications on economy and government securities
Data on exchange rates, interest rates, and other financial instruments. Contains OPERA and MASNET, helpful foreign investor organizations. English Only
<--------------------          South Africa          -------------------->
JSE Securities Exchange South Africa Futures Exchange
Trades individual equity stocks on exchange. Contains historical data on market. English Trades futures and options on indices, single stocks, foreign exchange, interest rates, and agricultural products. Part of JSE family. English Only
Bond Exchange of South Africa
Products: Central Government, Municipals, Utilities, Water Authorities, Corporate, and Inward Listing. English Only
Government Related
Central Bank Financial Services Board
South African Reserve Bank Independent institution established to oversee SA non-banking financial services. English Only
Contains data on economy as well as financial markets. Little derivatives data.  English Only
<--------------------          Global Market Related Sites          -------------------->
International Monetary Fund - IMF The World Bank Group
Promotes international monetary cooperation, exchange stability, temporary financial assistance. Helps developing countries onto paths of stable, sustainable, and equitable growth.  English, Spanish, and Russian, plus country web sites
International Organization of Securities Commissions
Promotes high standards of regulation in order to maintain just, efficient and sound markets. English
Futures Industry Association Risk Institute
Provides forum for futures and options professionals from around the world to share information and concerns about global futures industry. English Promotes a learning environment on issues relevant to financial risk management.
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation - APEC World Federation of Exchanges
Primary regional vehicle for promoting open trade and practical economic cooperation. Trade organization for regulated securities and derivative markets, settlement institutions and related clearing houses and their diverse services to capital markets.
Securities Industry Association Futures Options Association
Role is to continue growth and development of capital markets, as well as their responsibility to issuers and investors. Association for firms and institutions carrying on business in futures, options and other derivatives. Has extensive list of exchanges.
Extensive list of Exchange and related sites.