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"New DSC Database on

Derivatives in Developing Countries"


Andrew Johnson


August 6, 2003




This brief message is to notify you of recent research conducted by the Derivatives Study Center (DSC) in identifying sources of information on derivatives markets in developing countries.


The DSC's Andy Johnson has put together an excellent set of links to government and private sources of data and other information on derivatives markets in developing countries. The countries in the compilation include Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Singapore and South Africa. It also contains links to international lists of derivatives exchanges and their regulators. We plan to add more countries to the database in the future. The database containing these links can be found at:


The purpose of this work is both to make the information more accessible and to highlight the limited range of publicly available data and information on these important financial markets. The Bank for International Settlements is currently reviewing its policy for data collection. Our effort to provide a map to some of the currently available information will hopefully draw their attention to the inadequacies of the present state of affairs.