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Mission Statement


The Financial Policy Forum and Derivatives Study Center were created out of the concern that financial markets disruptions and inefficiencies have become a barrier to improvements in living standards in the U.S. and around the world. Our mission is to conduct economic policy research into financial markets, analyze how they impact the overall economy and then formulate policy recommendations for the most appropriate level of regulation and market oversight. We will disseminate this information to policy makers, journalists, academics and concerned citizens, and we will provide expert advice, training and policy briefings for policy makers, journalists, NGOs, labor unions and farmers.


The FPF and the Derivatives Study Center (DSC) were established to engage in economic research and outreach activities in order to interject a new, critical voice into the policy debate over financial market regulation. Derivatives and other financial markets have become critically important to the U.S. economy and their presence and importance is growing throughout the world of developing economies. Financial markets have acted in recent years as major sources of economic disturbances and distortions, and have thereby raised instability and hampered the pace of economic growth. The rapid growth of derivatives markets, hedge funds and other aspects of financial markets, together with their continuous innovations and reorganizations, warrants on-going analysis and investigation into how this impacts overall economic prosperity and how to address such changes with the most appropriate level of regulation and oversight.



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