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SPB 30: Hedge Funds: Response to Deregulation

   PDF version

    Randall Dodd, December 21, 2006


SPB 29: On The Hedge Fund Question: A Program of Reckless Complacency

   PDF version

    Randall Dodd, October 30, 2006


SPB 28: Unlimited Greed: How Executives Used Employee Stock Options to Raid the U.S. Treasury

    Randall Dodd, September 21, 2006


SPB 27: Derivatives Exchanges in Emerging Markets: New Data 

    PDF version

    Randall Dodd, September 14, 2005


SPB 26: Rumors and News: Credit Derivatives Trigger Near Systemic Meltdown

    PDF version

    Randall Dodd, August 5, 2005


SPB 25: Derivatives Near $300 Trillion                   

    PDF version

    Randall Dodd, July 5, 2005


SPB 24: Derivatives Use Up Big at US Banks                   

    PDF version

    Randall Dodd, May 12, 2005


SPB 23: Providing Credit In Times Of Crisis 

    Randall Dodd, March 24, 2005

    (Prepared for Consultation on Financing for Development in Nairobi, Kenya, March 31, 2005)


SPB 22: Derivatives Trading In Developing Countries Up Sharply    

    Randall Dodd, January 28, 2005


SPB 21: Banks Report Growing Exposure to Credit Losses

    Randall Dodd, December 29, 2004


SPB 20: New Data on Surge in Derivatives Activity

    PDF version

    Randall Dodd, December 21, 2004


SPB 19: Banks’ Derivatives Use Grows by 21%

    Randall Dodd, October 12, 2004


SPB 18:  Protecting Developing Countries from Price Shocks

    PDF version

    Randall Dodd, September 21, 2004


SPB 17:  The Wealth Curse from Natural Resources

    PDF version

    Randall Dodd, August 1, 2004


SPB 16:  OTC Derivatives Market – Markets Reach nearly $200 trillion

    PDF version

    Randall Dodd, May 18, 2004


SPB 15:  New Data on Derivatives Market – Developing Countries Move Up

    PDF version

    Randall Dodd, April 6, 2004


SPB 14:  Managing the Economic Impact from Foreign Capital Flows

    PDF version

    Randall Dodd, Presentation to UN Economic and Social Council, March 22, 2004


SPB 13:  Mutual Funds Scandal: A Gauntlet of Fraud

    PDF version

    Randall Dodd, Updated January 20, 2004

    (Notes on method for calculating mutual fund losses)


SPB 12:  forthcoming report on credit derivatives


SPB 11: New Data on Derivatives Markets from BIS and OCC

    PDF Version

    Randall Dodd, January 5, 2004


SPB 10: New BIS Data on Derivatives Markets

    PDF version

    Randall Dodd, November 14, 2003


SPB 9: Important New Data on Derivatives

    Randall Dodd, September 25, 2003

    PDF version


SPB 8: New Derivatives Data Shows Increased Credit Risk

    Randall Dodd, September 17, 2003


SPB 7: New DSC Database on Derivatives in Developing Countries

    Andrew Johnson, August 6, 2003


SPB 6: Updates on BIS Triennial Survey of Global Derivatives Markets

    Andrew Johnson and Randall Dodd, July 30, 2003


SPB 5: Accounting for Derivatives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

    Randall Dodd, July 2003

    (Note: this is a Powerpoint file that will not open without the application.

    If you have trouble, please email or call and ask for a fax or hardcopy)


SPB 4: Restoring Trust and Confidence, and Restoring Liquidity in Energy Markets

    Randall Dodd, October 2002


SPB 3: Learning Our Lessons: A Short History of Market Manipulation

    Randall Dodd and Jason Hoody – April 9, 2002


SPB 2: Enron: Derivatives And The Damage Done

    Randall Dodd and Jason Hoody – March 12, 2002


SPB 1: The Bigger They Come, The Harder They Fail: Enron’s Lesson for Deregulation

    Randall Dodd – February 7, 2002




Primer: Derivatives

Primer: Derivatives Instruments

Primer: Derivatives for journalists        * on IPD website

Primer: Glossary of Derivatives Terms

Primer: The Structure of OTC Derivatives Markets

Primer: Hedge Funds

Primer: Employee Stock Options: Basics

Primer: Employee Stock Options: Recent History

Primer: Mortgage Backed Securities [PDF version]

Primer: Transaction Taxes

Primer: Sovereign Debt Restructuring


The Financial Policy Forum drafts Primers for the purpose of providing access to the understanding of the financial markets.  They are written for the intelligent but non-specialized reader.  In doing so, we strive to make concepts clear and simple while avoiding saying something that is not technically correct. 


If you identify a problem with any Primer, please contact us in order     to help us correct the mistake.

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